As we all know, the social media landscape is constantly evolving, and today, there are more platforms to discover, larger audiences to engage, and more criteria to consider. In the same vein, the importance of marketing in business is obvious to everyone.

Whether you have years of business experience or you are starting a new business, the chances are that you will have to invest money and time into marketing your products and/or services.

Even at that, many people still have a lot of problems with sales and marketing. This is what distinguishes the good companies from the bad ones. It can also be the difference between a successful business and a failed business.

Most times, the issue lies in the details of marketing. Everyone knows the importance of ads. However, a lot of people do not know how to create ads. Talk more about the people they want to view the ads. This is usually because a lot of businesses have not identified their target market or clients.

This brings us to the subject of “social media targeting and its importance.”

Defining your target market is all about selecting a subset of people that you want to market your business to. It is a very important business activity that can lead to greater profits and shares from your marketing efforts – if done properly.

Some marketers are fond of creating a campaign before trying to find a target audience who will love the campaign: it does not work that way. Instead, you need to first identify your target audience before marketing to them.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 secrets for targeting your clients on social media.

Let us get right in.


search icon   First Secret for Targeting your client:

Conduct Market Research

One way to identify your target audience is to analyze all aspects of the market by conducting market research.

You can achieve this by performing a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats) analysis, which identifies a business’s weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats.

The market research will help you to recognize:

  • Market trends
  • Competition
  • Motivations
  • Customer’s purchase behaviors
  • Personality type and pain points
  • Demographics (gender, age, marital status, income level, occupation)
  • Location (international, national, or local)
  • Psychographics (behavior, attitude, personality, lifestyle, hobbies, values)

When you can identify all the factors that contribute to your purchase path and market, it will be easier to identify your target audience and understand their motivations.


user check icon   Second Secret for Targeting your client:

Know your Existing Customers

This is perhaps one of the best ways to identify the right audience for your brand. You need to learn about your existing customers – especially about their preferences and demographics.

Below are some pointers you can begin with:

  • Examine your website and social media analytics to understand who is visiting your website, how they navigate your site, and the pages with the most visits. You can also use this to identify those interacting with your social media networks.
  • Leveraging tools like Facebook Insights, HubSpot, Hotjar, and Google Analytics to get comprehensive information about user responses.

The knowledge of your existing customers will help you to understand the kind of people you should target. It will also help you to understand the kind of marketing strategy that would reach them best.

comments icon   Third Secret for Targeting your client:

Understand the pain points and needs of your target audience

It is not okay to define your target audience and go to sleep. You need to also understand their pain-points and needs.

One way to effectively approach this is to ask yourself important questions like:

  • What goals does my target audience want to achieve?
  • What are their problems and how can I provide a solution to their problems?
  • What can prevent them from buying my products?

Such questions will help you to craft personas and develop content that addresses the problems faced by your target audience.

Creating personas will help you to effectively understand your user’s needs and pain points. It will also help you better define your niche in the market and present your products more appealingly.


address card icon   Fourth Secret for Targeting your client:

Analyze desires and attitudes

Another way to target your client on social media is to draw a profile of your target audience and imagine where they go in their free times, how they behave, and which social media platforms they like.

For instance, you can mostly find teenagers on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. Business professionals can be found on LinkedIn, while stay-at-home moms can be found chatting in Facebook groups. Essentially, it is good to understand which platform(s) suits you best and utilize them.

As an aside, you can also define your target audience’s desires or likes and how you can prove useful to them. One way to approach this is to focus on various criteria such as what they read, the industries they work, what motivates them, what they spend most of their time doing etc. After all, all your efforts will be a waste if you do not know who you are trying to target.

share square icon    Fifth Secret for Targeting your client:

Share high-quality, valuable content

Once you can understand your target audience and their pain points, you can create valuable content and share it with them.

To get the best from this strategy, you need to ensure that your content solves their problems and provide answers to their questions. That way, you will drive engagement with them and earn their trust.

Besides, your target audience can also share your content with their connection. Thus, expanding your reach in the process.

When creating content, it is essential to understand that not all messages resonate the same way with different groups of people. As a matter of fact, marketers strongly believe that personalization helps to enhance customer relationships. So, you need to ensure that your content is tailored, engaging, and addresses the pain points and needs of your target audience.


If you do not identify your target audience, then a lot of your marketing efforts will be futile and unproductive.

Below are the top five secrets for targeting your client on social media:

  1. Conduct Market Research
  2. Know your Existing Customers
  3. Understand the pain points and need of your target audience
  4. Analyze desires and attitudes
  5. Share high-quality, valuable content

If you have questions or contributions, please sound them off in the comments section below.

Reginald Hilliard, CEO

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